Well, we are in the first stage of a long record promotion.  Getting our first reactions back.  Here is the first official review on the album:

Midwest Record Entertainment

Chicago, Illinois - 02/16/19 

ERIC JERARDI/Occupied: Just because it was Holy Modal Rounders who said good taste is timeless doesn't mean it's not so. Don't you just hate the haters that proclaim something out of date? From the opening horn riff, this set is unmistakably Muscle Shoals and how can that ever be out of date? Taking blue eyed soul to the max, Jerardi blows the roof off the sucker with the help of the classic Swampers that are still up for it and those who have drunk the local waters and became imbued with the natch. If someone could slip a copy of this to Van Morrison, Caledonia soul would be back on top of his menu. Killer stuff throughout. – Chris Spector