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Posted by Eric Jerardi Tuesday, September 3, 2013

Sorry about not getting a wrap up to our western tour until now – been busy since we've returned home. So – the tour was awesome!!! We started in Iowa for the biggest bike night in the state – it rocked. Then Adam ate a huge hunk of local beef in Wyoming and a breakfast burrito the next morning as he did last year and needless to say he won't be doing that again. We love the people and crowd in Centennial WY – Linda and the crew are always great. After a stop in Rawlins (why do I still go to Rawlins?) - we headed to Rock Springs, WY where we headlined the Sweetwater Blues and Brews Fest – it was an honor to play the closing slot and we killed it – great to see old friends. On Sunday we headed back to Colorado and had one of our greatest road experiences ever in Ft. Collins. Played a private party on an 80 acre compound – boated, jet skied, played frisbee golf (I was wearing sandles on cactus and rattle snake infested land and lucked out) - chilled for a few days in full luxury digs. On the way to South Dakota in northern WY, I stopped at a ranch to ask how far to the next gas station. We were not going to make it (you can't buy gas out west for hours and hours – poor planning on my part) – this amazingly nice guy, John filled up my tank and would not take money – just 3 CDs. There are still amazing people out there everywhere. So, those who don't understand North and South Dakota, let me educate you. These states are BOOMING!!! Not sure I've been to a more impressive place than Rapid City, SD – we headlined an outdoor show with 1000 plus in attendance – great night. The next day we played on a giant house boat for hundreds of boats and floaters with big boobs on a reservoir in SD – that sucked. We ended up in Quincy, IL at our favorite joint The Club Tavern. They promoted as a CD release party and we had a packed house. Only thing shitty that happened was a flat tire 2.5 hrs from home – seems like I always have a flat tire on every tour – sucked. I did get a chance to finish the Tecate in the cooler while we waited on AAA. Adam and Gary were great to say the least. We get along perfectly and I love the shit out of them as people and players. Be sure to get the new CD - “Everybody's Waiting” available now but very limited and on line in September and the national release in October. Rock on. Eric


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Date LocationVenue
Dayton, OH Tumbleweed
Quincy, IL Blues in the Park
Troy, OH Miami County Fair
Buckeye Lake, OH Buckeye Lake Winery - AD Farrow
Yellow Springs, OH Clifton Mills Arts Festival
Urbana, OH Staley Mill Farm
Dayton, OH Tumbleweed
New Carlisle, OH Staley Mill Farm
Dayton, OH Yellow Cab Tavern