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Tour Notes: EJ

Posted by Eric Jerardi Saturday, March 9, 2013

Our March tour started out with a bang last night in St. Louis at B.B.s Jazz, Blues and Soups.  My old friend John rolled out the red carpet as always and we had a great evening.  Met a lot of new friends and had a perfect night.  I was at the helm for the 7hr. drive to Manatowoc, WI today and am in my lavish econo lodge dwelling just sitting down to take care of biz on my laptop.  This is life on the road - last night at the Millenium downtown St. Louis, now on lake Michigan in a funky little town in a shit hole.  Up down - up down.  You know you're going to get the obligatory long black hair somewhere in your room - I just didn't expect it to be on the controls of the heater under that little door; the first thing I touched because my room is wine cellar temp.  Fucking gross.  Anyway - band is awesome and we get along great - all is well.  Special thanks to my team back home - especially Zach for house sitting for me.  Be back soon!!!!   wish me luck tonight.


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