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Posted by Eric Jerardi Saturday, August 13, 2011

So Rawlins Wyoming is interesting - how bout fucking nuts. Never have I seen such a large group of lunatics in all my days - place was cool - band rocked - but the curse of country music, hip hop, techno, and kid rock on the brakes just sealed the deal. Cowboy hats - Jersey shore types - muffin tops - “play some Skynard” - bar fights - the whole shebang. Our new friends Angie and Todd showered us with Bitch Bombs - which is Crown Royal,, Red Bull and peach schnapps.
That beverage alone sums up the evening actually. To describe the “diversity” is simply impossible. Adam said it best: “what the fuck just happened.” We had them on the floor dancing at least and many people thought of us as the best band that has ever darkened the door steps of the Pepper Mill. But the guys and girls with the cowboy hats who wanted to line dance didn’t dig it so much I don‘t think. And who line dances to Cha Cha Slide anyway? Jared pegged it on the way back to the room - “place was a little left of center.”


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