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Posted by Eric Jerardi Monday, January 19, 2009

Eric Jerardi Album Cover

CD Title: Everybody's Waiting
Release Date: Oct 31, 2013

Price: $8.91
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Waukesha Blues Festival

This CD marks a milestone 7th national release for Eric Jerardi. Produced and recorded by Grammy award winner David Z (Prince, Fine Young Cannibals, Johnny Lang, Etta James) who said it best: "I've watched Eric grow over the years to be a serious contender who has truly established himself.” The Eric Jerardi Band along with Budweiser will launch a five city CD release party in Ohio (Dayton, Columbus, Cincinnati, Toledo and Cleveland) starting November 6th, 2013, with a new video premiering in November as well. The band will continue touring the rest of 2013/14 across the United States. This CD has several bonafide hits and any lover of blues/rock will enjoy it. The band has produced an excellent blend of music and lyrics that have exceeded all expectations.

Eric Jerardi Album Cover

CD Title: Waukesha Blues Festival
Date: Feb 28, 2010
Price: $12.97

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Waukesha Blues Festival

A rocking Blues Festival recorded live. Texas style in your face guitar playing. Awesome performance.

Eric Jerardi Album Cover

CD Title: Restless
Date: Sept 4 2007
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Don Thrasher of the Dayton Daily news' Rock Insider :

Restless is Jerardi's "most musically exuberant album yet" Restless "is a big departure for Jerardi more so in tone and approach than in musical direction. His blaz-ing blues guitar and gruff vocals are still big selling points, but the lyrics are less analytical and the music owes a less obvious debt to Texas blues."

Eric Jerardi Album Cover

CD Title: Virtual Virtue
Release Date: 2002
Price: 13.99
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Virtual Virtue

Ten smokin' new tracks from Eric Jerardi and the boys! Special guest performance by Chuck Leavell whose piano and keyboard work has been heard on the recordings of Eric Clapton, The Rolling Stones, The Black Crowes, George Harrison, and The Allman Brothers Band. The anxiously awaited album is here at last!!

Tracks: Virtual Virtue,Blame It On Me,All Downhill From Here,Slow Down,So Long,Lay Away,Cold Blooded,My World Waits For You,Still Hungry,Make It Over On Your Own

Eric Jerardi Album Cover

CD Title: Budweiser Presents
Eric Jerardi Band

Release Date: 2001
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Budweiser Presents

Budweiser presents Eric Jerardi's Volume I. Featuring Live performances from Radio and Television appearance from all over the world. This 16 track recording also features a story of Eric's very own '62 Strat....PLUS: 5 Never before released songs.

Tracks: So Many Things,Gonna Be More Suspicious,Pain,T.V. Intro,Tortured Soul,Lay Away,Glimpse Beyond Reality,House of Blues Radio Interview,Down Hearted,Grass Ain't Greener,Tomorrow,Make It Over On My Own,Snatch It Back,She,Goodbye Destiny,Eric's Guitar Story

Eric Jerardi Album Cover

CD Title: Had Enough
Release Date: 1998
Price: 13.99
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Had Enough

12 Hot tracks recorded in Memphis TN at the House of Blues Studios. Produced by David Z (Buddy Guy, Johnny Lang, Collective Soul, Prince). Track #4 "Tortured Soul" was featured on the House of Blues Radio Network.

Tracks: Had Enough,Fate,Tomorrow,Tortured Soul,Sweet Thing,Pain,Glimpse Beyond Reality,G-Thing,Honest I Do,Always Something,Warning

Eric Jerardi Album Cover

DVD Title: Troubled Places, Troubled Times (2005)
Starring: Eric Jerardi Band
Format: Color, DVD, NTSC
Language: English
Release Date: November 1, 2005


This DVD documents the 15 year evolution of guitarist / singer / songwriter Eric Jerardi. It is packed full with fifteen live performances including songs like Virtual Virtue, Tomorrow, Pain, and Tortured Soul, ending with The Star Spangled Banner. This DVD get you up close and personal with Eric like you’ve never seen before. You will not only see rare live performances from around the country but never before seen photographs, and life on the road with the band. Eric will open up his home and more importantly [for you guitar geeks] he will literally walk you through his live rig and set-up step by step. She how Eric gets his amazing tone.

Date LocationVenue
Dayton, OH Tumbleweed
Quincy, IL Blues in the Park
Troy, OH Miami County Fair
Buckeye Lake, OH Buckeye Lake Winery - AD Farrow
Yellow Springs, OH Clifton Mills Arts Festival
Urbana, OH Staley Mill Farm
Dayton, OH Tumbleweed
New Carlisle, OH Staley Mill Farm
Dayton, OH Yellow Cab Tavern