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East Coat Runner

Posted by Eric Jerardi Tuesday, August 11, 2009

As always, greetings from the road and elsewhere. Good news - the new drummer fucking rocks!!! We only have four shows under our belts and things are exciting. Scott has a great feel - a big-ass foot and the willingness to suffer through Jon's gas and my mood swings, as well as a lot of driving. I'm sitting in my hotel room in Rockland Maine, overlooking the ocean -classic north Atlantic gray rocks with seemingly hundreds of sailboats tethered in the sound - pretty cool. It's been raining like a bitch for days - in fact our blues fest in Buffalo yesterday was moved inside a small bar due to the weather. We headlined with Duke Robbilard which was cool and we had
a great show in a packed out bar; unfortunately we had to take off last night after the show to make it to Maine, so we missed Duke.

Well, time to load in (we just threw back lobster rolls and drank a bottle of French wine) - Road Island tomorrow after we stop by Kennebunk to visit with Babs and George H. Dub.

See you soon,



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