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West Coast Wrap

Posted by Eric Jerardi Wednesday, July 8, 2009

Well we made it - 16 shows in 20 days - good to be back home. This tour was by far the best of my career - it's rewarding to know that when you go back to these towns - you have made connections with people and the fan base grows. This tour represented that - it is a nice concept but doesn't always work - for us - it has. We all hatched an idea to beg for tips from our audiences - you know to help with the high gas prices ($4.35 in California). That resulted in $996.00 for the tank (nearly half the cost). What a shot in the arm that was for me personally - CD sales were also great. We are doing something right I suppose. Highlights - Napa is like home - so that was great. But the Oregon coast, Washington, and Idaho blew us away. We believe in Bigfoot now. I can't begin to describe the scenery out there - I implore all of you to take a trip out west - see the country - at least once in your lifetime.

We are starting to hold auditions by the way for a new drummer - please contact me through the site if you are interested or if you know someone who may be.

One last thing - please enjoy the video of a large goldfish sucking my toes at lake Erie.

Much love,



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Quincy, IL Blues in the Park
Troy, OH Miami County Fair
Buckeye Lake, OH Buckeye Lake Winery - AD Farrow
Yellow Springs, OH Clifton Mills Arts Festival
Urbana, OH Staley Mill Farm
Dayton, OH Tumbleweed
New Carlisle, OH Staley Mill Farm
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