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Last Day of Tour

Posted by Eric Jerardi Sunday, July 5, 2009

So Tacoma totally rocks - we loved our shows there and the people are fantastic. After Tacoma we had a grueling 27 1/2 hour drive to St.Cloud Minnesota - that sucked balls - big balls. We were taking a State Route thru Montana and realized that the next gas station was over 100 miles away so we turned around and drove 24 miles and barely - I mean barely made it to a gas station that took credit cards at night - amazing luck. We almost hit 14 deer, a fox, elk and some other shit. St. Cloud tied Kearney NE for the worst shows of the tour - just burned out from the drive and everyone there is a zombie. Last night we did a great private party in Sioux City Iowa - fucking blast in a horse barn - 150 people - beer. This morning I got impressions of my teeth made for trays to whiten my dingy teeth. The great guy who hired us ( Rick Kava ) is a dentist and he said that I am a performer and need whiter teeth - so there you go - stay tuned for before and after shots. That impression thing sucked - I about gagged and puked on the guy - he will mail them out when ready. You know what - driving through Iowa does suck as much as everyone says it does - fucking blows. One more show on the 4th at our annual bash at Lake Erie - can't wait to get home


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