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Posted by Eric Jerardi Saturday, June 27, 2009

So Klamath Falls Oregon fucking rocks!!! This town is cool and the drive to it was one of the most spectacular I've seen - no Sasquatches yet - or is it Sasqui (plural big foot). Very nice people -cool club (Waldo's) downtown - hot chicks - the whole shebang. Club promoter said we were the best act to come through in over 10 years - so that is cool. On a side note - the fine people of this town are very proud of their Marijuana - all the big clones came from south central Oregon they say. So looking at snow capped mountains and clear lakes - Domaine de Nizas rose 2007 on ice and our road beer of choice - Tecate guess why? (think Coca Cola). Shout out later. p.s. this band is on fire - I'm as happy playing as I ever have been in all my years.


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