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Posted by Eric Jerardi Monday, June 15, 2009

June 14 - McCook NE - Lighthouse Marina - great fucking gig last night - nice people (opposite of Kearney) - we took in a pile of tips - sold tons of cds and signed tits (check pics) - all set on a deck looking over the Red Willow Creek Dam. Doesn't get much better - 9 hr drive today to make it to Dubois Wyoming. Having so much fun with
my boys - both Curt and Jon are like my little brothers and my big brothers depending on the minute - we are having a ball and have never sounded better.

June 15 - Last night in Dubois was fucking cool - total cowboy town. A new thing for our new friend Bobby Lawrence at the Whiskey Creek Saloon - doing national acts on Sunday night. We fucking rocked and had a lot of fun. The crowd was odd however - the dude from Big Lewbowski was there with his cowboy hat, big mustache, neckerchief and the whole bit along with a bunch of young camp counselors for shitty brats at a host of "outward bound" type of programs in that area. The countryside is truly breathtaking and inspiring. We are in Yellowstone right now - having a glass of Sauvignon Blanc and waiting for Old Faithful to blow her nut for us in 25 min.

Rock on.


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