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Summer Tour

Posted by Eric Jerardi Saturday, June 21, 2008

Greetings from Rock Springs Wyoming for all of you who care. I thought I would give you a little info on our current summer tour and offer up a little life lesson that I've learned in my travels. First and foremost - if you plan on driving to Nebraska, Wyoming, California, Oregon, Washington, Idaho, back to Wyoming, and Nebraska, to Indiana and then back to Ohio - bring a shit load of wine with you to numb the pain of the current fuel situation. People continually ask me why I would be on tour - especially to the west coast and back - given the current gas prices. The answer is: "the fucking gas wasn't 4 bucks a gallon when the tour was booked and the contracts signed." Oh - that is what I say INSIDE my head - what I say on the outside is: "because we were born to rock and gas has little or nothing to do with touring - Hell, my van gets 10 miles to the gallon - it's all good." For those of you from Dayton - take note that we are rarely there - the next shows will be July 18 at the Oregon Express and July 19 at Riverscape. The big surprise is that my former bandmates - Curtis Sanford on drums and Gary Gates on bass will be joining me for these two shows - a little reunion tour if you will. That being said - we hope we see you soon and that you stay in touch - pictures from the road to soon follow on and myspace.




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