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Dayton Blues Festival

Posted by Eric Jerardi Wednesday, August 15, 2007

For those of you who missed the Dayton Blues fest - you missed an epic performance. I flew Al Gamble up from Memphis to play organ for us at the show. Al played on -Restless- and is not only a great guy, but also an unbelievable player. Thank you to Mike for providing us with a beautifully tattered Hammond B3 and a Leslie - it sounded great. And for those who got a copy of the new disc, thank you very much for the support - I hope you enjoy it.

People have asked me several times about the hidden symbolism within the artwork and packaging of the new CD. There are vultures, giant eggs, odd pictures etc. Well the answer is that I'm not telling you - but here are a few hints: maybe the world is full of vultures that constantly circle above - waiting for an opportunity to feed upon anything that may stumble - not sure. Maybe the egg symbolizes the fact that blues hatched a baby and they called that baby rock and roll - I don't know. Maybe I'm inside the egg - ready to finally peck my way out - that's kind of cool. Maybe vultures, although repugnant, provide a valuable service to our human eco system - they rip, tear and clean the dead flesh that lingers after the souls of the departed have departed - again not sure. It also could mean absolutely nothing after all - let me know what you think.


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