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Back to Back Tours

Posted by Eric Jerardi Tuesday, August 21, 2007

We just got in from a little corn field tour out west. I can't remember a time when I've had more fun playing in strange places and meeting even stranger people. Neno at Big Cities Lounge in Rockford, IL was crazier than a shit house rat - but cool and loads of fun. Another character whose path we crossed for the second time was Betsy at Spanky's in Ft. Dodge Iowa. One of the most bizarre gigs ever - but wonderful just the same. Great crowd - great people - drunk though. She sold 4 bottles of Capt. Morgan (yuck!!!!), 2 bottles of Jack and 1 Canadian Club to just a hand full of patrons. The ones who drank that drank a shit load of it and people were actually falling down the stairs at the end of the night - rolling around in the fucking street. I guess we incite absolute lunacy in people - it makes me so proud. The last show we did was at the Cuthills winery in Pierce Nebraska. We headlined a blues concert and killed in front of 1000 plus people. Holly and Ed, the owners of the winery, were so cool and so was the festival. Our crack booking agent booked the entire show, so we got to see and meet a few of our "stable mates." Clay McClinton (Delbert's son) was just before us - nice dude. We did 5 encores - they wouldn't let us stop - it was big fun. So home for a few days - then back to the corn belt for another 5 day runner ending up in Omaha.

Rock on and buy -Restless-- it is a cool CD - I promise.



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