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New CD Update

Posted by Eric Jerardi Saturday, June 16, 2007

Greetings- I wanted to let everyone know what is going on with the new CD. Three weeks ago I booked a flight to Memphis to finish up the vocals and start mixing. Let's just say that when I got out of bed that morning - I should have stayed in. Upon arrival at the airport I learned that my flight was cancelled - the always helpful "staff" gave me two options: arrive in Memphis at midnight, thus missing my session, or drive like a fucking wild man down to Cincinnati to catch a direct flight. I took the gamble and actually made it on the plane. As the plane descended into Memphis, the cold that I had reared it's ugly head, became worse, and by the time I landed, I was deaf in my right ear. My engineer, Willie said I sounded like I had a close pin on my nose. So I went to bed, full of over-the-counter narcotics, hoping to awake in a better state. Well, as these things go - I didn't. I spent another C note changing my ticket, and headed from Cleveland Mississippi (I'll explain later) back to Memphis the very next day. I had almost an entire bottle of 2003 Chateau St George left over from the night before which I was not, under any circumstance, let going to let go to waste. I drank the whole thing, feeling miserable about the entire ordeal, on the bus trip from the rental car joint to the airport, out of a gas station soda cup that I stole as I refueled. That mixed with the cold medicine, and two giant beers, (the ones for just a dollar more) at the bar next to my terminal, insured that I would miss my flight - and I did. I just sat there - deaf - and watched it go. It's hard to explain actually. As I approached the counter, the lady asked me if I was Eric. She scolded me and wondered why I didn't respond to her calling for me over the loud speaker - "I'm deaf" I told her - "I'm deaf!!!!" Since I was handicapped (better yet impaired), the lady was nice enough to put me on another flight, and I got home at almost the same time as I would have - my bag was waiting on me. So I leave this Monday to resume - same flight, same piece-of-shit rental car, hopefully with no head cold. I got a shot in my ass last night to fend off any off any lingering illness, so stay tuned and wish me good luck and safe travels. E


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