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Johnny A [Bass Player EJB]

Posted by Eric Jerardi Friday, April 20, 2007

Johnny A here! Man what a great start to the new year. We finally got back to Memphis to record another album with Willie Peaver- our most trusted producer. When it came to recording VV in 01- Willie really taught me as a musician how to get a live feel in the studio. I mean, the drummer would still be in his own sound booth and he would be like

"I need you to take your headphones off. " This concept to me was like asking a trucker to put a blindfold on before he hit the road on coffee and meth. Not good. But it made me trust what I was playing and really get a good feel for what everyone else was doing rather than show off for my own sake. Willie......THANK YOU.

For the fans out there, this next album (Restless) is going to be a new perspective on what we normally do in the studio. We took a live approach. Cut everything in 1 to 2 takes. And no edits. That means all my lemons are there for you to hear. There me. But this is going to be lo-fi coolness that you only hear with the great albums. We are truly proud of this monster and hope that you guys love it to. I'll see you out there at the shows and god bless.


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