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Memphis Session

Posted by Eric Jerardi Friday, January 19, 2007

Young Avenue Sounds, Memphis TN. Interview with Eric Jerardi on his new record and catching up with the artist after 5 years since his last record.

For those of you anxiously awaiting a new studio record from The Eric Jerardi Band - the wait is nearly over. In early January, 2007 we recorded “RESTLESS” again with veteran engineer Willie Pevear and again in Memphis. The major difference between this and my past recordings is that we set up and played live in the studio which produced a sound and a feeling that I have been chasing after for nearly 20 years. I’m fucking giddy. Believe it or not we cut 13 songs in only three and half days!!! We enlisted the help of a world class musician, Al Gamble on the keys and the rest is history. I love Memphis and I love recording there - seeing that big river and hanging out in little music clubs - eating BBQ and the whole bit really sets the mood for me. I have to hand it to the band, Jon and Joe, for laying it down - they were superb. Realize that when you set up in a room together and push record, you can’t go back and fix anything - it’s all or nothing. No overdubs, no headphones, no rhythm or click tracks - just the band playing like we do every night. Willie told me yesterday that this was the most fun he’s had in the studio in over 10 years. I don’t know what I’ve been waiting for, but the wait was worth it.

Thank executive producer/manager/friend Big Al for pulling the trigger on this thing and booking the studio with no more than a few weeks notice. I think he knew that if I had little time to ponder the session, it would work out for the better - he was and is generally always right about these things and me. Our motto was fuck it - we don’t care. Sometimes that is the answer to all things really - if you try to hard you will screw it up. On a side note, 26 bottles of wine and a 5th of Tequila were harmed during the making of this CD.


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